Body, Brain & Breath

Yoga and mindfulness for the workplace programs focus on gentle stretches, breathing and awareness exercises within the work setting. Breath is the bridge to the brain and the simplest and most effective way to create change in the body. Brain-based exercises enhance creativity and focused attention for the tasks at hand.

Therapeutic yoga and restorative stretching are proven methods for counteracting some of the harmful effects of the forward spiraling posture so common today with prolonged hours on desktop workstations, laptops and cell phones. Computer eye strain and carpal tunnel being two of the most common ailments, simple yoga and meditation exercises can be extremely useful in preventing stagnation and fatigue from setting in at work.

BE WELL will give information and education on self-care practices that anyone can take and use in their daily lives, at work or at home.

“No matter our starting point, the goal is to deepen our self-awareness and to integrate body, breath, and mind. As we progress in our practice, we can shift our focus away from physical and/or mental limitations toward our higher potential; away from weakness toward strength; away from pain toward well-being; away from anxiety, anger, and depression toward relaxation, contentment, and joy. We can feel better about ourselves, stabilize and elevate our moods, develop clearer perception, increase mental energy and alertness, have a greater sense of physical well-being, and find a sense of direction and a deeper purpose in our life.”

Yoga for Wellness by Gary Kraftsow, my teachers’ teacher – namasté
Healing with the Timeless Teachings of Viniyoga


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