Wellness Resources for EVERY BODY

BE WELL is dedicated to serving the wellness needs of our community through onsite yoga, massage & mindfulness education and training as well as online offerings in NeuroVascular Release and Lymphatic Drainage education and practices.

NeuroVascular Release targets the anterior head posture and spiraling forward position associated with our society today – being online on devices, computer work from home and driving are all examples. This work is grounding, nourishing and increases INTEROCEPTION – awareness within.

This is a layered exploration of the ARTERY & NERVE tension to muscles. This gentle, slow approach combines deep breathing with neck and torso movements to create more opening in the body and release any nagging physical pain. Work is also guided against a wall with softer balls and on the floor for those who need this positioning. It is a deep dive within and you will carry the information with you as a take away for your own self care needs.

Lymphatic Drainage pumps our system in order to detoxify and clear wastes from the body. One way is through exercise. Deep diaphragmatic breathing and hands-on Manual Lymph Drainage  and brushing all work to activate this system.

Why? Because a healthy, energized environment is more productive, creative and inspired! Experience the benefits of workplace wellness that can help yourself or your team reach its maximum potential.

With over 20 years experience in holistic health and the healing arts, BE WELL offers a variety of services from relaxation techniques and breathing exercises to therapeutic yoga and guided meditation. Customized Workplace Wellness Packages & Programs are available for your company.

Yoga, mindfulness and massage are proven practices to reducing stress and anxiety, relieving muscular tension, and promoting feelings of wellbeing and connectivity. Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, Headaches and Computer Eye Strain that results from too much desk time and computer duties are some of the many things we can target for relief in your employees wellbeing at work.

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